The Annual Fund for the International School of Orange County

Every donation counts...

As we navigate this exciting transition to independence, you may be wondering what part your family can play. The short answer: give to the OC Annual Fund. 


Our OC Annual Fund is one of many steps we are taking to ensure success with our independence. 


Apart from tuition, the Annual Fund is one of the pillars upon which our campus will build its future. Set to raise funds to build out our school’s reserves, every dollar will go exclusively to our OC community. 


Because the reserves created with our donations are a key part of the school’s transition to independence, we must all consider making a contribution that will benefit the children inside and outside the classroom. Historically, the Annual Fund campaign at the OC campus has raised on average $50,000-$60,000 annually. We can do better!

By giving to the OC Annual Fund, you will have a direct and significant impact on the future of the School our children love so much.